'ANOTHER PLACE ' - Words and Pictures by Linda Pettie

As well as painting I also very much enjoy writing and  often  feel I want to write a short contemplative piece inspired by the very scenes in nature that I'm drawn to paint.

So it seemed logical to marry the two, and this pocket-sized journaling book is the result.

These A6 booklets, which are now available to purchase, hold many images of my paintings with accompanying short, poetic writings.  They are all about taking uplifting journeys through nature.

Included also are twelve monthly journaling pages left blank for the reader's own notes and inspirations!

Creating 'ANOTHER PLACE' has been a lovely project for me - many thanks to Ritchie Feenie, Kinghorn Creative (Design)

This little journaling book has just been printed and now available to purchase at £10 a copy.  If you would like one (or two!) please get in touch via the Contacts Page and I will arrange postage and payment, or I can arrange collection from Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline.